Wheels / Rims

Niagara Battery & Tire carries a wide assortment of steel and aluminum rims to improve appearance, handling and ride quality of your vehicle.  

Our experts can help you choose a new set of tires and rims to customize your vehicle and set it apart from every other one on the road. We’ll get started by checking your tires’ range of acceptable rim width specifications. Depending on the size of the rim you purchase, you’ll notice a few benefits. Your vehicle’s stability, steering and cornering improve with a wider rim, and a narrow rim will provide more ride quality. A mid-range rim width will help you achieve that delicate balance between handling and performance capabilities and ride quality. Many rims can be used as a second set for winter applications, saving wear and tear on your tires, plus the cost of seasonal changeovers.

Industry Leading Rim Manufacturers

Niagara Battery & tire features products from the industry’s top manufacturers, including American Eagle, DUB, Foose, Konig, MHT, Niche, RTX, TSW, Ultra Wheel and Vision Wheel.

We can guide you through the process of choosing a high quality, beautiful new set of wheels and rims. Let us help you purchase a great set based on your style, size & functionality requirements and budget. Contact us today.