Passenger & Light Truck Tires

Replacing your Passenger tires or thinking of upgrading to Light Truck tires?
Niagara Battery & Tire has the expertise to help you choose the right tire for your vehicle and purpose.

Passenger tires are ideal for driving from Point A to Point B, but you’ll want to upgrade to Light Truck tires if you plan on towing or carrying heavy loads. There are some important differences between Passenger and Light Truck tires. While Passenger tires provide a quieter, smoother, more comfortable ride and have a longer tread life, Light Truck tires can be sized differently, have a more aggressive tread and require more psi (pounds per square inch). They are designed to work hard and navigate punishing off-road terrain.

We carry hundreds of tires from industry leading, trusted manufacturers so you get hassle-free, reliable and personalized customer service. Come and see us today.