All Season Performance Tires

When you need a tire that's a step up from all season but it's not winter yet, let Niagara Battery & Tire help you find an all season performance tire that will push your sports or crossover vehicle to the max.

All season performance tires have emerged as a new trend in the past few years thanks to car enthusiasts eager to get maximum performance out of their vehicles. Performance tires are no longer reserved for sports and high-performance cars - you can put them on your crossover, sedan, or any vehicle that supports this tire type and be set for both wet and dry driving conditions. These tires enhance your vehicle's performance in wet weather and under heavy braking, give you longer mileage and lasting value as well as good traction on snow and ice. For better traction in Canada's severe winter weather, you'll want to switch to winter tires.

Niagara Battery & Tire can save you time and money by helping you find the right tire for you. We carry a stock of all season performance tires from industry leading, trusted manufacturers that will improve your vehicle's performance more than you thought possible. Come see us today for hassle-free, reliable and personalized customer service.