Commercial Truck & Industrial

Come to Niagara Battery & Tire for expert, personalized service. We’ll help you find the right commercial, industrial or retread tire for your vehicle or fleet by asking you about your typical and “worst case scenario” driving conditions, how much weight you plan on carrying and your performance criteria.

Commercial Tires

Commercial tires, also known as radial medium truck tires, are equipped on over-the-road, cargo vehicles including tractor trailer rigs and straight trucks. These tires are designed to help you save money because they wear evenly and consistently to deliver more miles to removal and a lower cost per mile. In addition, commercial tires provide increased traction, improved durability tread depth for high-scrub applications, a stone rejection block and a stress wear control groove.

We offer full road side service and vehicle fleet check service. We also have a commercial manager capable of advising on any situation 905-651-5801 (Monday: Friday 8am - 5pm, Saturday: 8am - 12pm).

Industrial Tires

Industrial tires are the true workhorses of the tire family. They are best suited for slower moving vehicles where risk for puncture or damage is highest. These tires, constructed in a wide range of internal structures and compounds, can offer resistance to heat and abrasion, shock absorption and even help prevent rollovers. From the smaller industrial application, such as warehouse tow motors, to massive earthmovers, Niagara Battery & Tire Ltd. has trained tire technicians to install these tires, 24 hrs a day, anywhere within the Niagara Region.


For most fleets, retread tires are the replacement tire of choice. Retread tires can be driven under the same conditions and at the same speeds as new tires with no loss in safety or comfort. They have been used on school buses, trucks, cars, fire engines, and other emergency vehicles for years and are used by truckers with scheduled delivery times and small package delivery companies. Retreads are cost effective, as they save more than 400 million gallons of oil and also help divert thousands of scrap tires from disposal in North America each year.