You hit a pot hole, curb or something else in the road and before you know it, you've got alignment trouble - your vehicle is pulling to one side, you notice your tires are wearing faster and everything is off balance. Alignment problems can also be caused by suspension wear.
Whatever the culprit, you can trust Niagara Battery & Tire to set everything right again.

Our computerized alignment machines center your steering wheel, set your vehicle straight and ensure your wheels are parallel to each other.  As part of our end-to-end vehicle checkup, after we install new suspension components, we'll make sure your vehicle is properly aligned.  An alignment will help you avoid unstable handling and uneven treadwear, giving your steering system, suspension and tires a longer life.

The different types of alignments include:

Four-wheel alignment
Performed on all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive vehicles with independent or adjustable rear suspensions, our expert mechanics align both axles. All four wheels are aligned in a rectangle, parallel to one another and perpendicular to the ground.

Front-end alignment or thrust-angle alignment
Performed on other types of vehicles, this procedure involves measuring and adjusting front-axle components. Our expert mechanics align the rear axle and rear wheels to be parallel with the front axle and perpendicular to the car's centre. They'll make sure your tires are properly positioned.

Your vehicle may also need a suspension or wheel alignment, since suspension angles influence your tires' performance and tread life. Niagara Battery & Tire's staff have the expertise required to perform any type of alignment. Don't delay contacting us about an alignment. We can make your ride safer and more comfortable.